The Lithuanian Fisheries Data Collection Program (DCF) is implemented by the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture (hereinafter – Ministry) together with project partners, the Fisheries Service of the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture (hereinafter – Fisheries Service), Klaipėda University and the State Enterprise Agricultural Data Center (ADC).

The Ministry is a beneficiary and performs the function of DCF coordinator at the national level i.e., is responsible for coordination the preparation of DCF annual work plans, coordination of scientific and technical aspects of DCF, communication with DCF partners, DCF data exchange with the European Commission as well as monitoring and administration of financial flows of the program.

The Fisheries Service collects and manages data on recreational fishing annual catches in Baltic Sea and inland waters for species as cod, salmon, zander and eel. Collected data consists of length of fish, released quantities, data on incidental catches (during fishing activities) of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish species protected by Union legislation and international agreements, indicating also those cases where there was no such accidental bycatch. Data is collected during scientific surveys on fishing vessels (if any) or registered by the fishermen themselves in the logbooks and other data on which the activity of Union fishing vessels in Union and non-Union waters is assessed.

Klaipėda University collects and processes biological data of the fisheries sector from commercial fishing, data on the impact of the fishing sector on the marine ecosystem, conducts marine fish stocks and other scientific research.

ADC collects and processes data related to marine fishing fleet and fish processing industry production, economic activity, employee employment and social indicators. For data collection, prepares methodological and quality assurance documents for data collection processes related to the data collected in the fisheries sector, as well as performs research work to improve the quality of data collection and ensure compliance with legal acts and methodological requirements governing the data collection program. ADC is responsible for the creation of the statistical information dissemination portal of the data collection program and the technical supervision and improvement of the virtual information environment intended for end users of information.

Fisheries Service, Klaipėda University and ADC are responsible for the implementation of the DCF functions assigned to them, including the collection and processing of primary data and the quality and completeness of the provided summarized information.


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